Sunday Rewind: Why Is not Rolex Thought to be One Of ‘The Large 3?’

Previous this week we despatched watch amateur (and in addition our latest columnist) Sarah Miller to a Rolex Boutique to look what the revel in appears like for any individual simply entering watches. To someone new to this world, it might appear “The Crown” is the top all be all – so why are not they incorporated in what is frequently known as the “Holy Trinity” of watchmaking? Smartly, it has to do with Rolex having by no means entered the world of haut de gamme production.

Within the most-read piece of 2017, Jack breaks down the explanation why Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin are thought to be in a league of their very own. Possibly our columnist’s subsequent project will probably be a seek advice from to the Patek Philippe boutique.

Click here to read: “Why Isn’t Rolex Considered One Of ‘The Big Three’?”

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