MICRO MONDAYS: Studio Underd0g are smashing Kickstarter with a contemporary sense of humour. We communicate to their founder about making watches amusing once more

Studio Underd0g have a refreshingly playful solution to watchmaking. Because the British microbrand give an explanation for on their web page. “When the biggest news in the watch-world for 2020 is that a certain brand (that shall not be named) had increased their case size by an unfathomable 1mm it got us thinking… Why… so… serious…? Don’t worry, we don’t plan on taking them head on just yet, but we are here to inject a bit of silliness into what can be a very un-silly industry.” It is a very welcome standpoint and performs out in Studio Underd0g’s cheerfully irreverent debut assortment that is composed of 3 watches: Barren region Sky, Watermel0n and Go0fy Panda.  Most often, finally, watches with bicompax and “big eye” options come loaded with antique preconceptions. We would possibly be expecting a handbook movement, intricately detailed feuille hands, monochrome tones and relatively prime value issues for the intense creditors in the market. However Studio Underd0g (sure, that could be a 0 of their call) purpose to do issues another way. Through including contemporary colors and humour we’re into unknown territory. Richard Benc, the founding father of Studio Underd0g, turns out to have a specific sense of fashion and an instinctive really feel for each dial measurement and the sophisticated…

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