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Primetime305 is your source to Buy New & Pre-Owned Genuine Vintage Cartier Watch online in the USA. Our Collection has the Most Classic and Unique Vintage Cartier Watches.
Cartier Tank is the most emblematic watch in the world, the pinnacle of iconic vintage pieces. And this fall, the Cartier Tank will commemorate its 100th anniversary with new variants and revised history. Luckily you can get it on Primetime305.
Recognizing the difference between Authentic Cartier Watches & Fakes can be somewhat difficult today because the fakes have gotten so good. Good counterfeits can be difficult to discern even for a well-trained eye. Our advice is, that you closely compare the watch to a picture of the same watch from a reputable dealer, pay close attention to the dial, back case, and bracelet. Make sure, the picture & your watch look exactly the same and all correct hallmarks are present. Then, to be certain, you have to analyze the movement and make sure all jewels, balance, other parts etc , are in the correct places. You can easily find pictures of most Cartier movements online to compare to.

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